Colorectal Surgery Book

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Laparoscopic Colorectal Surgery
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Colorectal cancer

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Inflammatory bowel disease

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Abdominal wall repair & enterocutaneous fistula

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Emergency Surgery

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Benign anorectal
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Continued Professional Development

CPD 2012
British Hernia Society Congress, Manchester, March 2012

Association of Surgeons of GB&I International Surgical Congress, May 2012

Abdominal Masterclass, Royal College of Surgeons, London, May 2012

Oxford Inflammatory Bowel Disease Masterclass, Oxford, Sept 2012

Low Rectal Cancer National Development Programme Workshop (LOREC), Basingstoke, Nov 2012

European Colorectal Congress, St Gallen, Nov 2012

CPD 2013
Excellence & Innovation in Coloproctology, RSM/ACPGBI, Wexham Park, Mar 2013

Gastroenterology Opinion Leaders Forum, London, Mar 2013

Abdominal Surgical Masterclass, Royal College of Surgeons, London, Apr 2013

Small Bowel Transplant Symposium, Oxford, June 2013

ACPGBI Congress, Liverpool, July 2013

European Colorectal Congress, St Gallen, Dec 2013

CPD 2014
Portsmouth Endoscopy Symposium (Advances in Endoscopy), Portsmouth, Jan 2014

Tripartite Colorectal Meeting, Birmingham, July 2014

Cours de Chirurgie de Guerre et de Catstrophe, Geneva, Sept 2014

St. Mark’s Association Day, St. Mark’s Hospital, Oct 2014

Educational Supervisor training day, Oxford, Oct 2014

Bond Solon Expert Witness Conference, London, Nov 2014

Masterclass in Complex Abdominal Wall Reconstruction, UCLH, Nov 2014

CPD 2015
National Intestinal Failure Forum, London, March 2015

Colorectal Diseases Masterclass (M25 Course), March 2015

IX International Conference Russian School of Colorectal Surgery & IV Biennial Eurasian Colorectal Technologies Association Meeting, Moscow, May 2015

Digestive Diseases Federation Conference, ExCel London

Oxford IBD Masterclass, Sept 2015

Cours de Chirurgie de Guerre et de Catastrophe, Geneva

European Colorectal Congress, St. Gallen, Dec 2015

CPD 2016

Abdominal Wall Reconstruction Europe, London, Feb 2016

ACPGBI Annual Conference, July 2016, Edinburgh

Oxford IBD Masterclass, Sep 2016

European Colorectal Congress, St. Gallen, Dec 2016


CPD 2017

Kock Pouch Workshop, Gothenburg, Mar 2017


Overseas Lectures & Presentations

Management of Anorectal Sepsis and Fistula. Colorectal Conference, Uppsala, Mar 2012

Repair of Challenging Colorectal Defects. European Colorectal Congress, St Gallen, Switzerland, Nov 2012

Perianal Crohn’s Disease- a Surgeon’s Perspective. European Colorectal Congress, St. Gallen, Switzerland, Nov 2012

The Open Abdomen and Abdominal Compartment Syndrome. European Colorectal Congress, St. Gallen, Switzerland, Dec 2013

The Open Abdomen in Damage Control Surgery. Cours de Chirurgie et de Catastrophe, Geneva, Sept 2014

Update on Proctology. Palestine, Feb 2015

Damage Control Surgery and the Open Abdomen. Palestine, Feb 2015

Classification and Pathogenesis of Haemorrhoids. IX International Conference Russian School of Colorectal Surgery, Moscow, May 2015

Rubber Band Ligation of Haemorrhoids. IX International Conference Russian School of Colorectal Surgery, May 2015

Acute Anorectal Sepsis: Optimum Strategy. IX International Conference Russian School of Colorectal Surgery, May 2015

The Open Abdomen in Damage Control Surgery. Cours de Chirurgie de Guerre et de Catastrophe, Geneva, Sept 2015

Open and Laparoscopic Components Separation: Step by Step. European Colorectal Congress Masterclass, St. Gallen, Dec 2015

Deciding on the Right Anastomosis: side-to-end, end-to-side or end-to-end. European Colorectal Congress, St. Gallen, Dec 2015

Colorectal Cancer - Novel Approaches. Palestine, Oct 2016

Update on Proctology. Palestine, Oct 2016

Small Bowel Crohn's Disease: the case for earlier surgery. Palestine, Oct 2016

Loop Ileostomy: when to do it, how to live with it, when to reverse it. European Colorectal Congress Masterclass, St. Gallen, Dec 2016

Prevention and Treatment of Anastomotic Stricture. European Colorectal Congress, St. Gallen, Dec 2016